Your building's technical installations are vital. Correct use of the right technology not only saves you money but also ensures peace of mind.

CCTV Systems

We have been installing CCTV systems for over 20 years now. The systems are changing every day now with technology advancing faster than ever before! DBS are in the forefront of the industries new technology, installing IP CCTV systems with sites linked to customers via the internet to iPhones and iPads and other mobile platforms.


See our testimonial section for comments from our customers.


If it is a new CCTV system you require or a system upgrade to new technology please contact us.

DBS use DVR’s which are supported by ACS App which is available in the Google market place and also the app store for iPad and iPhone. This clever application lets you remotely access your CCTV system from anywhere in the world with your smart phone, tablet or PC.



These advanced DVR’s can be setup to email snap shots of your system when an alarm is active at your premises.


An example of this could be that every time a gate was opened you would get email with attached photo of the event.


The DVR also supports two way audio.


They are available from DBS from a 4 way model with 500GB hard drive right through to a 16 way model with 2TB of storage. They can also be stacked on site making the amount of cameras on your system endless.

The DVR is fully networkable and has a built in DVD player for archiving footage from the unit. One of the main reasons why DBS use these models is their user friendly interface for the ease of operation.


For more details contact us for a demonstration.

Access Control Systems

Please contact us for ways in which access control may benefit you and your organisation. 

DBS have over 20 years experience within the access control industry. We have fitted PC driven access control systems throughout the UK for various clients.


The systems enable you to keep track on people’s movements throughout a building and denying access to people who don’t need to be in certain areas.


The system can also be used for time and attendance logging and fire roll call.


We also operate a "buy it yourself" service where you can purchase your own kit from wherever and we will fit it for you. The only drawback with this service is that DBS have no input for the system so therefore have no liability for a 3rd party companies products.